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SWV recognizes the slow development of the "Women, Peace and Security" agenda in Armenia and understands the importance of including women in peace building processes, therefore, the NGO has implemented projects which aim to raise women's participation in the peace building process since 2011.

Forming its “Women, Peace and Security” pillar in 2011, the organization began to spread the “Women in Black” international feminist movement in Armenia, especially among young women living in the different regions within Armenia. Since 2016, the "Women in Black" movement, with the efforts of SWV, has acted as an independent body and is governed by its own young members.

In 2013, an Armenian monitoring group for UN Security Council Resolution 1325 was established, which prepared monitoring reports on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325. In 2015, within the peace building framework, the organization started an advocacy campaign aimed at raising awareness about UN Security Council Resolution 1325. In addition, an advocacy guide, known as "Women, Peace and Security", was created for the UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

In 2015-2016, SWV further strengthened its cooperation with "The Global Network of Women Peacemakers." This resulted in a new project, which aims to create a program of national activities about UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in Armenia in close cooperation with state authorities.

On September 28, members of “Take action” Women Political Club had a chance to meet with prominent woman political figures: MLSA minister’s adviser Olya Azatyan and NA delegate Maria Karapetyan.

The active discussion revolved around the topic entitled “Women’s Involvement in the Governmental and Decision-making Processes; Opportunities and Challenges.”

The next day, the participants of “Take action” had a workshop session on policy writing. Ani Kojoyan, gender studies expert and lecturer of Yerevan State University lead the training, introduced the methods and tools of conducting research and developing policy proposals. The participants of the women’s political club applied their skills and knowledge in writing policy proposals and submitting them to the corresponding governmental bodies.

The topics of researches varied including women’s matters in the agriculture, temporary unemployment and maternity allowance, women’s employment issues in rural communities, excluding violent scenes in television.

We are glad to share that policy proposals and recommendations will be considered for the amendments in laws by the National Assembly of Armenia.


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