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The winning recipe of Revolution ‘Love and Solidarity’: Armenian style


Reflection on Armenian revolution in ASTRA bulletin by SWV's founder Anna Arutshyan:

2018 protests was built on the whole different concept. It was a struggle FOR. It was a flight for 
inclusiveness, love, non-violence. It was a revolution of open hands, liberation of police from doing 
unlawful orders. It was a struggle of unity but not separation and destruction. It became unbeatable as it 
was decentralised, people were self-organising themselves, when they understood their power of 
disobedience, when they understood that each of them was capable of an action without any instructions 
from the high platforms. Streets, roads were paralysed with the most creative solutions: mums with 
strollers walking on the main roads, children with toy cars across the streets, people took their business 
to the street (barbers were doing haircut on the main streets), people took out their grills out to the street 
for BBQ party, orchestras were playing concerts on the streets, etc. etc.
Everybody was out on the streets- feminists, misogynists, bigots, liberals, conservatives, gays, transgender
people, heterosexuals, homophobes, transphobes, nationalists, anarchists, literally everybody was united 
for love and solidarity to win over tyranny, corruption and single-party rule. But it was not a cacophony, 
it was very organic accompanied with smart political technologies (songs, hashtags, digital technologies, 
social media, etc.).

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