Capacity Building Training on Anti-discrimination and SOGI Issues

Society Without Violence NGO (SWV), within the context of the “Solidarity Network for LGTBI in Armenia and Georgia” EU-funded project, conducted two trainings named: “Capacity Building Training on Anti-discrimination and SOGI Issues.” 

The two capacity building trainings took place in Aghveran; the first in September, and the second in October. The SWV team prepared a comprehensive training module and the materials required to conduct both trainings. The trainers used a participatory learning methodology, which put an emphasis and value on the experience of the learner/participant, provided space for mutual learning and promoted a human rights approach in response to challenges regarding human rights abuses. The topics covered in the training included: sex, gender, sexual orientation; stereotypes, stigma, and discrimination; the situation of LGBTI people in Armenia (discrimination, physical and psychological violence, study results, specific cases); state response and societal homophobia (legislation, societal attitudes, and hate speech); internalized homophobia.  The main aim of the training was both to increase the knowledge of CSO/NGO representatives about gender and LGBTI issues in Armenia, and to encourage them to apply their gained knowledge in the context of their respective organization’s work. In total, 17 people participated in both trainings. The participants were selected from various CSOs and NGOs working on women’s rights and gender issues, organizations working on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and organizations working on minority and vulnerable groups’ issues in different regions of Armenia. During the training, the participants were fully engaged in discussions and debates, and they contributed to the richness of the training, with their own views and experiences. Some participants were more informed than others about the Gender and LGBTI issues. This did not stop or hinder the effective participation of all in the discussions. 


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